Justin Reamer

Freshman - 967 Points (2 October 1993 / Holland, Michigan)

Lord Maximillien Norton - Poem by Justin Reamer

My dear friend,
My Platonic brother,
And my best friend,
Who was born on the
Same month
And day as I,
I will always forever
Remember you,
No matter what the day or hour,
For I will always remember you,
For we were always good friends.

You are so witty,
That all you do is
Make me laugh,
For we both have a
Deep understanding
For each other,
That we can tell jokes to
Each other that
No one else,
Except, say,
Our very close friends,
Could ever understand.

And, yes, you are a gentleman,
And a fine one at that,
For you know how to treat
A lady
Who is very beautiful

And, Max,
You are a fine writer,
Just as I am,
For we share the talent
That forms a good bond,
That bonds us to the arts
And every other artist
Out there,
Who knows what it is like
To have the gift of artistry.
We are able to see the world
In a completely different light,
And are able to see human
Relationships and the subconscious
Of the human psyche,
In a different way,
As well.

Language is our ally,
For we can use it well,
And you and I know
That you can use it very
Well, indeed.

My friend, you are also a
Fantastic artist,
For I have seen you
Draw the most beautiful
Things in the world,
And you have drawn
The most interesting things
In the world, too,
For you are an amazing artist,
And are connected with the Flow
In every way, shape, and form.

And, yes, you are a great reader,
And you are a bibliophile,
Like myself,
And I am happy that you
Are well-read,
For I can talk to you about
Things that no one else
May care to talk about.

I can talk to you about Classic Literature,
And about Dickens and his characters,
And about Hugo and his creativity,
And about Dostoevsky and his psychology,
And about Tolstoy and his ingenious insight.

It is really interesting,
Especially since you know so
Much about history,
And, as do I,
Since we are able to speak about it.

You are a scholar,
My good friend,
And you are inquisitive
And curious
And always willing to learn,
For there is no one like
You except yourself,
Who knows the power of knowledge,
Better than anyone else.

You, my friend,
Are magnificent,
And I appreciate the time
Spent with you,
Whether it be during lunch,
At the movies,
Playing video games
On the Wii,
Or in the library
And discussing
The works of the
Great writers of the world
Or even our own work,
I have appreciated the time
I spent with you,
For you are my Platonic brother,
And always will be,
And I will love you Platonically
Until the end.

May you do well
With your guitar,
And with your artistry,
And with your curiosity
And scholarship,
And also, of course,
With your writing.

Good luck in life,
My brother,
And may you be successful
And move on to do
Great things.

Poet's Notes about The Poem

This is a poem dedicated to one of my friends whom I have been with throughout all of high school. I was close to him, so this is a piece dedicated to him.

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