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Love Forever - Poem by Dr. P. K. Verma

While the time of my college
Her house… near the road
I often watched the window
The brown one with sun-beams
She opened it with a tender smile
Her sweet smile!
Always appealed to my heart
With affection she looked me
And for me, she was a beautiful fille
A charming face with golden hair
Her eyes were very wild, as of deer
And her lips—two red petals of rose
That could never fade—I was sure
And would never withered till the doom
Often, I mystified, her hair or thick clouds
Around her smooth long neck,
Whenever I walked through the window
Putting her fingers on her rosy lips
And twinkling her bright eyes
The princess of beauty
Laughed swiftly… again and again
I lost in the charm of her smile
Her dazzling beauty attracted to me a lot
And I found my soul—a voiceless.
How could I see her alone?
How could I praise of her divine beauty?
But for that, I had no proper rhymes
Since I saw her, I was lost in her absolutely
But she said nothing,
And bowing her intoxicating eyes
She smiled, smiled and smiled.
One evening, in the courtyard of a temple
There I was with my mother
Suddenly I saw the unforgettable face
And my eyes were expanded amazingly
My princess of beauty had four legs
What four legs? Asked my soul idiotically
That's impossible!
Yes that's possible, replied my soul.
My beloved had four legs
She was a lame
With two wooden legs
I didn't know but I was filled
With a great scorn for her
And I found my heart dry for her
All dreams of mine were scattered
Drops of tears fell from my eyes
And I became speechless for a moment
She also looked at me with stream of tears
Perhaps she knew of my reaction and sentiments
She sobbed and hurriedly turned her face
Unexpectedly, she scrambled and fell on
I rushed to her, and…
Offered my hand to hold,
For a while or
Perhaps forever.

Poet's Notes about The Poem

-Dr. P.K. Verma
(14th Feb.1996)

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