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Lox... - Poem by Seayah Seashooter

I remember the day wen u told me u loved me. U told me u loved and that wuldnt change. U promised to b with me till the end. That u wuld protect me against vultures. U told me u ddnt picture the future without me bt that was a white lie. Within a year the promises u had made to me were ol n0t kept. U told me lie afta lie n bcs of love i blvd u. I cnt blv i let u lie 2 me agn n agn. I cant blv that i culdnt c thru your lies. Within a year u left me n now ol i have of u r memories. Memories that cant b erased. Lox i stl love u n neva will stop loving u. I knw i love bcs i 4gave ol the wrong u eva dd 2 me n ol the pain u eva caused. I was ther 4 u wen u nided sum1 2 talk 2. I was tht ear wen u nided sum1 2 listen 2 u. I gave u a sh0ulder 2 cry on wen u wantd 2 shed th0se. I gave u ol the support i culd giv, i gave u everything i had til i culdnt gv u anythng anymo. U took away all that i had, all i culd offer and u left me wit n0thing bt tears and a shattered heart. I cried every night for u 2 cum bk til the tears dried up in the wells of my eyes. I kept on hoping n prayin that u cum bk n say u made a mistake bt u neva dd. With the last tear i nw sign out by saying its the last 1 il eva shed 4 u. Hope u hapi whereva u r...lox

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Poem Edited: Wednesday, October 13, 2010

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