Jouri Frazer

Made You Look! ! ! - Poem by Jouri Frazer

I'm looking for something.
I can feel it close by,
I don't know what I seek but I might as well try.
I can't eat I can't sleep till my search comes to cease.
I don't know what I seek is it justice or peace?
Maybe it's big or maybe it's small,
maybe I can find it at the mall.
Does it come in a pill or do you apply?
Is it alive, does it talk, maybe it flies?

Maybe it's deep like the secret of life.
Maybe it's simple like a pen or a knife.
Could it be flat or maybe it's round,
will I even know what it is when it's found?
what could it be I dont have a clue,
does it bite, does it flip, does it turn blue?
where should I look I don't know where to start,
under my bed, a museum, maybe wal mart.
It might be a Painting, a big work of art.

Maybe it's love, or maybe it's hate,
maybe it's destiny...oh I mean fate.
What if it's written, what if it's heard?
could it be letters, maybe a word?
I'll travel the world, I'll search here and there
I'll search in the land in the sea in the air.
WAIT... i've found what it is, it was right under my nose.
My epic mystery now draws near it's close.
and so have my worries, frustrations, and woes.

I know what it is I was so blind.
The object I seek is now clear in my mind.
it's not a pen or a knife,
it's not the secret of life,
it's not love from the heart,
or something from wal mart.
It's none of these things and though all of them rhyme,
the thing that I sought is much more sublime.
The fruit of my search... was the end of this line.


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Poem Submitted: Saturday, April 5, 2008

Poem Edited: Monday, April 28, 2008

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