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Rookie (8-6-60 / Philipines)

Make Your Birds Believe - Poem by Mr. Poetic

I once knew a bird
Who had love in her eyes
But when I saw her on communion day
Her eyes somehow died

Theres is a bird in my house
She has love in her eyes
Will the birds finaly fly together
When the Cop suddenly dies

The Cop is a man
Who has two birds in a cage
One bird has broken wings
The other bird is full of rage

The Cop is a man
Who has two birds in his life
One of them is a looney bird
But both birds are his wife

The Cop fights a battle
Everyday that he lives on earth
One bird helps him to fly
The first mother bird gave birth

The Cop fights a war
While the birds peck at each other
Who is the real attacker
Which bird used to be like a mother

The Cop must live on forever
The Cop must travel far
But the two birds he loves
Like to fight in a bar

The Cop must be crazy
He has two birds that nest in the sun
And there is a bird locked in a cage
That is called the forgotten one

The Cop has a bird
That is young, strong and free
He seems like he is angry
Is this bird mad at the Cop or me

The Cop has a bird
That grew up into a beautful lady
When she grew I wasn't there
Because somehow I was declared crazy

The Cop has a nest
Where all his birds like to play
Will all these birds fly free
Or will they too be locked away

Will the birds live together
With the swan who had golden hair
And if one of these birds fly away
Will the Cop happen to care

I know once your birds fly away
They are left on their own
But if a bird commits a crime
Its because he is all alone

Was the Cop there for his bird
That robbed and stole with a gun and knife
Or was the Cop too busy
Fighting over his wing flapping wives

When you have a little bird
You must be an eagle that soars
And make sure your little sparrows
Are ready to fly away from your door

If you left your birds behind
Because your marriage was tough
And if you flew with your caged sparrow
Apparently, you didn't fly high enough

No bird should wind up in a river
Wondering how he went wrong
If an eagle flys in a prison
Its because the Cop was not strong

My little birds will fly across mountains
My little birds will change the way of life
My sweet lady bird will pick up a scapel
Instead of a jagged knife

My little eagle will fly as a strong man
I will make him an eagle for all to see
My little eagle will lead armies
And he will always fly free

If my eagle breaks his wings
And is unable to fly
If he does not have the freedom to skate
Then my eagle will die

I must make sure my eagle soars
Sorry Copper I don't want to be like u
When my sparrows leave the nest
They will show the world what they can do

Hey Cop, you have a new nest
U can help your young birds fly
Make sure your young birds are mighty
Before its to late and you die

If one of your sparrows
Gets lost in a dark cloud
Help it to fly in the sunlight
Be an Eagle and fly proud

I'm not blaming you for the sun
I'm not blaming you for the rain
But I know what its like to be caged
I bird who can not fly goes insane

So take care of your little birds
Make sure they always fly free
And if your birds fly into a dark cloud
Make sure you make them see

If one of your birds commits a crime
Its because they are sad and grieve
You now have a second chance train man
Make your birds strong, Make them always believe

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