James W. Lewis

Masterpiece - Poem by James W. Lewis

The tension's been as thick as wool and building for some months, we've drove each other crazy with our cruel and zany stunts,

but since that beef's been barbecued I'm wondering what's next, it's time to consumate our love, some call it makeup sex.

Whatever you are feeling, come and take it out on me, I'll sacrifice my body for the sake of keeping peace,

I'm drunk off the excitement as I sip your beauty in, my nose can tell invading smells of apples on your skin.

The late great Mr. Vandross sings a tune and sets the mood, our home may be a house but not vice versa without you,

I hate it when we argue girl, it hurts me to the core, them sexy thighs just spread em wide, don't wanna talk no more.

My mouth is on that inner skin, so smooth and very sweet, I lick on down those calves of yours that curve like Ferry Street,

continuations go from sucking toes to kissing feet, the air condition's blasting cause we're generating heat,

that makes us sweat I'm set to bet my skills are so correct, my tongue's the one to make you run and still you're soakin wet,

the passion's gettin heavy like a Chevy or Chevette, the oral has you cursin like a person with Tourette's.

I wipe my mouth of trips down south and start to kiss your lips, our tongues dance the Lambada bustin slobs for emphasis,

the mouth to mouth connection we're possessin's like a weapon, a throbbing hard erection makes its way in your direction,

but no! You stop me, push me down, my lovely what is this? The devil gleams inside your eyes, you slowly lick your lips,

I then envision jizm raining softly on your nips, you kiss and lick and spit along the length of it oh sh! t!

I so respect your skill set, you're the bestest in the world, the way you bob your head my toes get Shirley Temple curls,

the moisture of your mouth has got my organ set to earle, but then you stop and hop on top, your hips begin to twirl.

My upward thrusting motions make your body start to leak, I feel your juices rolling down my sides to wet the sheets,

your mouth contains the remnants of you sucking me so deep, I tongue you down with passion, aint no secret I'm a freak.

We switch it up and throw ourselves around abandon reckless, with me on top your ankles lock my head just like a necklace,

I throw myself real hard into the center of your wetness, cause that's just how we do it baby, hard and deep so check it,

I'll mention the ascention as I slide your slipp'ry slope, there's foamy stuff alone with us that looks like lathered soap,

it lubricates your toothless face a little much too much, the spirits lift us up, we simultan'eously combust.

In afterglow we're baskin though, the bed is such a mess, I'm somewhat heavyset so naturally I'm out of breath,

but you're so GD sexy 2nd round there has to be, our love is like a painting in the Louvre, a masterpiece.

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Poem Submitted: Saturday, February 6, 2010

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