Jim Young

Me Cat - Poem by Jim Young

Tutt tail, tutt tail, tutt tutt cat,
tail finger tail tutts, ‘tis tutt cat.
Rolling this way, rolling that,
touch me, don't touch me, don't do that.
Smile eyes, cat eyes, slit, slit, shut.
Pert ears, cat ears, eyes tight shut.
In out, out in, out in the sun sit.
In out, out in, fire front sat sit.
Sun breeze chin sniffs up warm,
sniffing up high this morning warm.
Eyes say, here's looking at you kid,
swiveling, ears to you kid, kid.
Zooming speeding, in a wind storm mind,
wrecking, bouncing, mad, mad mind.
Wide eyed with madness, letting it out,
quick, quick, quick, let me out, let me out.
Ambivalent, maybe, maybe not,
maybe rub, or maybe not.
Flicking, licking, washing all over.
Well-fed washing, ears over and over.
Understand a purr, purring purpose,
feed me, lovely, purring on purpose.
Purr purr, wait wait, purr, purr, purr,
quietly slowing, purr, sleep, purr.
Breathing slowly, flicking whiskers,
dreaming, twitching, whiskers, whiskers.
Little shiver, sigh, sigh, silence,
cat nap, gone nap, cat nap, silence.
Touch not, dare not, the cat's fast asleep,
let's all slip down, slip down, for a sleep.
This chair, that chair, where today?
Slept there yesterday, sleep here today.
Yoga cat, yoga cat, paws four tight,
curled up tight ball, tighter, tight.
Humph, yawn, eyes blink at you,
waking up, waking up, blinking at you.
Stretch a little, stretch a lot,
arch back, claw mat, claw mat a lot.
Step up, sit up, look all around,
nice to see that you're still around.
Stroll left side, right side, strolling right out,
where's my food dish? Dish it out.
Sniff sniff, lick lick, yes well OK.
I'll eat it if I have to, so yes, OK.
Sip of water, stroll up the garden path,
stalking the sun not the shadow path.
This is my post, rub it, claw it, claw, claw, claw.
Scratch it, scratch it, claw, claw, claw.
Statue cat a tweet bird, stalk, stalk, stalk.
Low down profile, paw stalk, stalk.
Eyes, eyes, eyes on target focus,
bum wiggle wiggle down, focus, focus.
Now! Bah missed it! Missed it screech stop,
nonchalantly yawn, course I meant to stop.
Sits sun, sits sun, sits eyes listen,
eyes sniff, nose sees, listen, listen.
Time for another snooze, spin in the grass,
around and around to lay my grass.
Buzzing summer flies, in sun beams gold,
cat gold, fool's gold, gold, gold, gold.
Tutt tail, tutt tail, tutt tutt cat,
tail finger, ‘tis tutt, ‘tis tutt cat.
Around and around, the cat's days go,
yes out now, but then in you go.
She will tell you when she needs a friend,
that's the end of your story, my cat story friend.
A life of days with me, with you.
Night moon, night moon, how I long for you.
Snuggle down together just me and you,
for me how, me how I do love you.

You are me cat, I know you know.
Me? I am your man, and I know you know I know.
Me how?
Bye for now.

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Form: Verse

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, August 16, 2017

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