vaishnavi raghuraman

Metro Conundrum... - Poem by vaishnavi raghuraman

Rolling metal boxes parade,
With teeming millions hanging on
Lost between Space & Time
Each competing in the rat race.

As sliding doors clutter
Weaving a maddening spell of Open & close..
. My waiting soul accross the glass doors
Is lost amidst this deafening crowd...

Ruffian mobocracy it is..
Playing the Push & Pull game to perfection..
Each nudge is a brownie point
Making way to those Exit doors..
Beauty maidens walk out distraught
Hair & made-up faces dishevelled...
Those elegant office men too cry
Over the states of their crumpled ties..
A laden mom skirts her babe
Between this gruelling mob's arms..
While that happy, birthday boy
Juggles to hold onto his choco-cake!

Sitting accross those shiny seats
Staring at faces unknown,
A myriad emotions cross my heart
As I watch each soul mundane.

Plugged ears rocking to music...
Dainty types sharing pleasantries...
Office goers watching the ticking clock...
While that country bum talks so loud..
Standing on each other's toes,
Noses literally pressed to panes..
Sweaty beads trickle down the shirts,
While some shady fingers stoke your skin...

What modernity is this,
as educated lots cry uncivil curses..!
Increasing despairs rather than quelling it.
Safe quick travel these metros ensure,
Besides this they qualify for nothing more.
Dooming, infact the populace,
From civil humanity to wasteful hallows.
What say, should we epitomise such druggery
in garbs of fluid modernity again & again?

This metro boom changed,
the city's landscapes forever..
Taking away with it an innocence held so dear.

To undo all this is beyond our reach..
Now the only just Act,
would be to play it neat.

Enjoy this luxury,
With a little care & heart
For without such feelings,
Our fates shall spell only dooming charts...
Forever plunging our acomplishments galore,
Into obscure untrievable cores..
Where redemption will be an unknown dream...
To men of this civilisation & future teens!

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Poem Submitted: Monday, August 16, 2010

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