Brian P FitzGerald

Millington Wood - Poem by Brian P FitzGerald

I stroll along the winding track
That leads me down to Millington Wood;
The sun is warm upon my back -
I pause, and look where once we stood.

The chalky slopes down which we scrambled,
The Pastures where sheep now safely range,
Millington Wood through which we rambled,
And on and up to Millington Grange.

"Remember, " she said, "remember me."

In the copse where quiet we sought
We heard a thrush, its call repeated;
For us, great joy and peace it brought -
But now, no song, my joy depleted.

My soul is gripped with sudden chill;
The air is laden with decay;
No birds sing; the air is still,
Bittersweet thoughts upon me weigh.

In midst of grief, ‘though now apart
My Love is near, but how I mourn
Distant memories that touch my heart.
My love to you was ever sworn.

My sight is blurred with tears of sadness
Memories of times, so loving, so blessed;
Times of laughter, joy, and gladness,
Of walking together, our love expressed

"Remember, " she said, "think of me."

A gentle breeze caresses my cheek
Above, a thrush begins to sing -
Is this the consolation I seek?
Is this the solace that God will bring?

I see the swallows dart and wheel,
Through the languid air they chase;
My lips a gentle touch now feel,
I close my eyes, I raise my face -

"A feather, " she said, "remember me."

My love, my sweet you're with me now
Your tender kiss, (such joy I've found!)
Your loving warmth and care, I vow,
Bring to me such love unbound.

My eyes I open; in the wood I stand.
Alone I am, but not alone;
A feather so soft, now in my hand,
Your presence my love - this you've shown.

"Remember, " she said, "think of me."

I see the swallows dart and wheel,
Through the languid air they chase;
I turn to walk the way I came
I close my eyes, I raise my face -

"Remember, " she said, "remember me."

(25 June 2014, East Yorkshire Wolds)

Topic(s) of this poem: Love

Poet's Notes about The Poem

Millinton Wood is high in the East Yorkshire Wolds and the poem recalls walks with a loved one over the passing of time.

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