Some Kid

Misleading Coat - Poem by Some Kid

Little light to shine on my life 
Done with trying im not gona fight
Suicide will aid to cheer up my night 
God turns his head to keep me out of site

Death, peace, and to end this is what i need
All the no cares people show, all it does it feed 
The thoughts of suicide im on its side 
I fell like a lost soul with a wondering mind

So wish me luck cause tomorrow wont come
For when sun will rise i will be far beyond gone
And All youll find is my body and this song 

The song will be bloody misunderstood and deep
Alot like the cuts on my body that cover me head to feet
Then to detail the noose around my throat 
Blood down my body like a misleading coat. 

Below me is the pool of blood you made me leave behind
You had given me depression I guess that's why I died 
But what you tried to hide is the other option I recently found
Keep the baby or have an abortion. Didn't I make daddy proud

Where oh where to start
My dad and his booze
My mom with the cock
I had one dream and one dream alone for me to fall asleep and wake up alone
No people around nobody in site
Just one gun with a bullet laying by my side.
But the dream never came not day after day
So that's why i hung myself, in my own way.

But no worries mom don't u cry dad 
Cause I can assure you it wasn't a quick death 
It was slow and extreme 
Kinda like a peaceful dream and now I'm free.

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Poet's Notes about The Poem

A good argument to justify my death

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, May 20, 2012

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