More Than Just A Lover Poem by Monty AnNayef

More Than Just A Lover

I'm the happiest person on earth when I'm with you and the saddest when away;
If there are in my mouth words I hide or fail to say, my eyes will me betray.
How come I avoid you or even think of pushing you away!
How come the perfect woman in my eyes speaks of fixing her attitude!
A second-to-none, who all she's got is supreme and fine aptitude!
MyLove, I only don't want to be the one who causes inconveniences and inquietude;
I want to be in your eyes, for your eyes, the one you'd resort to at all times;
The one and only one you'd love to be with in busy and downtimes;
And the one who listens to your heartbeats in distress and relief,
For what you mean to me transcends miracles and all moments of belief;
I want you to permanently be stuck to me and never fall off;
I want your moments with me permanent and impossible to write off.
I do truly and genuinely love you for infinity,
And want to spend the rest of my life with you, my felicity.

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