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Morphios X-1, Volume Iii Hemispheres - Poem by Alex Fischer

[I. Prelude]

When the weary world was born
Struggles ‘mongst the Gods had first began
The Gods of will and power
Fought to twist the fate of man

As the world aged they did battle
But yet neither God did yield
The people were divided
Every soul a battlefield
Every soul a battlefield

[II. Ageanae / Hirithia]

[Ageanae: Bringer Of Power]
'I bring strength and understanding
I bring wit and power fair
Cherished gifts beyond compare
We can make a kingdom strong
I can give you all a share
I will find you gold and silver
Show you how to build the walls
Of the greatest kingdom of all
You can have all of your desires
In the world that you reform’

The people were so greedy
Running forth to receive their rights
They rushed to build their fortress
And take one another’s rights
But one day the land grew silent
And so lost the people came
The urge to take these fine gifts
Diminished into shame
The rulers were consulted
And the Bridge of Fate was made
In quest of Hirithia
To find out what happened that day

[Hirithia: Bringer Of Will]
'I bring will to give you structure
In the coldness of the night
In the Body’s eternal right
You need not trust your instinct
Only will can bring you right
I bring facts and I bring logic
I bring coy and I bring years
I will soothe the reigns of fears
Release those chains of Power
And your prison disappears’

The kingdom was emptied
And the valleys echoed song
They thought and lived as brothers
They knew will would not go wrong
Tomes and scrolls they had aplenty
And they read beneath the stars
The people were contented
And the Gods watched from above
But the winter fell upon them
And it found them unaware
Bringing wolves and cold starvation
And the souls of men despaired

[III. Armageddon: The Battle Of Body and Soul]

The universe alienated
When body and soul collided
The people left from nature
For so many bothered years
In a cloud of qualms and fears
Their world was ripped asunder into shallow

Some followed through, some followed naught
Many just lost in fraught
Forgotten and deserted like their mothers
Since their bodies were so unclear
And the truth could not emerge
Their souls were divided into unsighted

Some who did not fly
Brought tales of old to eye
'My Rocinante sailed by night
On her final flight'
To the core of Morphios' fearful might
We set our flight
Twisting through that timeless space
To this eternal place

[IV. Morphios: Bringer Of Unity]

I have thought and I have senses
But I have no distinct form
As a incorporeal spirit
I am dead but yet unmade
I have crossed into Vesuvius
As was writ in tales of lore
To the palace of Eternals
Stones of white and finest gold

I see Gods in battle, wrath on high
Thunderbolts that paint the sky
I cannot show, I cannot try
I feel a soundless shriek form up inside

Then suddenly the bedlam died
A calmness fell, an instant peace
The warriors sensed my silent cry
And broke their struggle, mystified

Ageanae was astounded
Hirithia thought me mad
But they heard my story further
And they saw, and were ashamed

Looking long from Vesuvius
On a world of distrust and dread
Its surface splintered
Into sorry Hemispheres

They sat a time in silence
Finally they turned at last to me
'We will call you Morphios
God of Unity you shall be'

[V. The Sphere: The Reformation]

We can move along the same path
If our intents are all alike
We can try to go alone
If we go on and do right
Let the souls of men be lighted
Let the men of soul shine without fear
‘Quipped with sense and liberty
With the body and soul combined in a single

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