Ujjol Kamal

Rookie (Dhaka, Bangladesh)

Mother - Poem by Ujjol Kamal

People pass away like the dry leaves of an old oak tree…
Irregular, dry, yellow, golden
Vertical, perpendicular, across
Caught in the still air of wintry mist

The connection between a mother and her child is irreplaceable, angelic…
Like the waves to Oceans
Like the fragrance to flowers
Like the soothing, sleepy, comforting shades of a summer spring…

While the sea-gulls fly away in the distant, far-flung, forlorn destinations
Where belongs no motions or emotions of any divine notions!
My mother is the best angelic aura that has ever happened to me…
To her motherly, warm, kind feet I lay eternally to find the happiness of Heaven and Hymns
She’s my Mecca
She’s my Bethlehem
She’s my womb
She’s my tomb
She’s my final Home…

Every dropp of my blood that rush through my earthly veins sing in unified glorifications the blessed orientations of my motherly lace

Mom while I was so little, so fragile, so helpless, so hungry
You would sing lullaby to put me to sleep, fed me, comforted me, and nurtured me with your aura-like, all warming, maidenly chaste silky peace
Everything in this Earth I owe you
All in all I owe you all

The smile of my mother is more vibrant than the starry sky
While she smiles the whole Heaven delight
While she cries the whole Heaven sigh and sigh
Umbilical cord
Musical chord
My Muse, My Rise
My prayers-preached-knoll
My Creator
My Mother
My meadow o’ rolling, frolicking lilac, ivies, roses red, marigold

Mommy I’m thousands years old
I miss you
To you I’m still a wayward toddler, gay, green, bubbling babe, and infant stream
Dying to reach to my motherly, harvest-rich, endless abundance, everlasting, kindness kindred, gentleness-knees, undying Seas

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, April 27, 2010

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