Livinus weeping poet Okechukwu

Murder In Allu (The Killing Of The Innocents) - Poem by Livinus weeping poet Okechukwu

I have seen deaths before,
As a warrior in this cruel world,
I have seen deaths before,
At home, in the battle field,
I have seen deaths before,
But the death I saw today,
I have never seen before,
The murder of four young men in cold blood,
Oh! ! All that is left of me now is nothing,
But raw fear and bleeding heart,
The death of four healthy young students,
Hunted down like animals,
Clubbed like beasts,
Butchered like slaves,
Burnt like sacrifice for the gods.

Is there no conscience left in the heart of men?
Is there no mercy in this wicked world?
Is there no forgiveness left among mankind?
Is there no good man left among us?

Men took laws into their hands,
Men took what they never created,
Men took the breath out of four students,
Men who never felt the pain of been in labor,
Men who never bore the burden of pregnancy,
Men who never carried a child for nine months,
Heartless beasts clothed like men.

People stood and watched as they were butchered,
Bystanders beheld them burnt like sacrifice,
Passersby made ugly comments,
Spit on their remains,
No one could help,
No one could plead on their behalf,
They were unjustly condemned to death,
They were brutally murdered.

Is this what had become of our lives?
Look at the tears in the eyes of their mothers,
Have men no mercy in hearts?
How do you feel seeing your child,
Burning in the flames, screaming for help,
Look! ! ! The broken heart of a mother,
Look! ! ! The sorrow in her heart,
Oh! Men who was not there when she was in labor,
Men who never felt the pain of giving birth,
Have taken away her son,
God! ! ! Where are you?

I see their blood in the air,
Aluu community have committed sacrilege,
Do you not hear the loud cry of the mother earth?
The earth weeps for her sons,
Mother earth was forced to drink the blood of her sons,
Even the gods weeps,
The sun now struggles with the moon for a place in the sky,
As heavens weeps for the loss of their sons.

I wish I never saw this,
My ink has frozen,
My heart beats no more,
Where is justice? Where is the law?
Isn't the law protector of a common man?
Where is the government defender of her citizens?
Where are the police, protector of lives and properties?
Where is the constitution of Nigeria?
Oh! ! This is a sad world?
Oh! ! I weep for Nigeria, I cry for Africa.

The blood of the innocent is on the heads of the murderers,
Aluu community have drank the blood of the innocents,
On the land in which it was split, may it never bear fruit again,
May the sons of the murderers be butchered like dogs in distant lands,
May their daughters be raped like whores in the market places,
May their inequities be remembered,
May their sins never be forgiven,
May hunger and starvation beget their children,
May their wives be widows,
May their children be vagabonds,
May no one favor them,
May they die like outcasts,
When they would appear for judgement,
May they be declared guilty.

Farewell brothers,
Farewell my friends,
We all we die someday….. That I know too well,
But never this way, never like a slave,
Is a sad thing your lives were play things in the hands of men,
I will see you someday, but not soon,
For I am still sailing the seas of life,
Am still at the shores of great beyond.

With my ink and parchment I will tell your story,
I will etch your name forever in the pillars of history,
Unborn generations will hear your names,
They will read your stories,
The story of Calvary, the murder in Allu community,
They will no how wicked the world is,
They will know how brutal men could be,
Farewell old friends,
Farewell! ! !

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Poem Submitted: Friday, October 12, 2012

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