Relle Samuel

My Last Day To Enjoy - Poem by Relle Samuel

The sun is up as early as you
You walk you look into the mirror
Young beautiful skin looks back
Though it won`t last long
You run to the window
The sun is high above the sky
Burning intensively, bright with rays of heat
The window is pushed open
A breeze slides in smelling off spring daffodils
The day has just begun birds are soaring in the upside down ocean of clouds
You ruse to go explore the outside world
Once out the door you run towards the woods without a care
Hearing the sounds of water falling moving closer
You watch as the cool water runs over pebbles and rocks
You dip your bear feet in splashing to cover you from your toes to your ankle
You lean your head back to watch the puffy marshmallows move to form shapes
You laugh at the weird thing you see
Leaving the creek you walk deeper into the forest
Silent sounds of insects buzzing, deer roaming, and birds chirping
Finding a patch lay down the grass that’s swapped by the wind
Its calls your name as if knowing you would come
You feel the earth tilt through the ground as silence takes over
Sunset begins to fall the sun looks as if a bowl of red to orange to purple colored fruit
Get up slowly walking to the way you came
It gets darker and the wind sings a lullaby causing you to become sleepy
The stars start to appear one by one twinkling brighter than the other
The moon pokes out full as ever with gray spots looking as if a smiley face
Closer to your home that is filled with warm light and laughter
Wolves howl to the pale circle in the sky you stop to admire it
Once reaching your destination, pause to say goodnight to things you adored today
Goodnight to the creek, creatures of the woods, diamonds in the sky, howlers of the night
Goodnight to my precious day I loved to enjoy my last of it

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Poem Submitted: Saturday, August 21, 2010

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