My Life Opened For All To See Poem by Reginald Walker

My Life Opened For All To See

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I was hooked on crack and living on the streets.
I wanted nothing out of life except another toke.
I did not have a place to call my home,
Because that pipe always kept me broke.

Crack had become so important to my life,
That eating was no longer a necessity.
The first time I smoke that pipe
Was the last time life meant anything to me.

I sold all my dreams for one piece of crack.
Then, I would do anything for just one more hit.
Lying, stealing and cheating, had become life for me
Just to keep my pipe lit.

Anything I could put my hands on
From family and friends, I stole.
I did not have anything but my body to pawn
Because everything else was all ready sold.

I was skinny, hungry, and always broke,
Look at what that pipe had done to me.
I crept and slept around so much
Now, I am dying because of disease.

Sometimes, I thought I could make a change.
I could change things around and not live life the same.
I really kept trying to help myself,
Nevertheless, that pipe kept calling my name.

Do you want to know why I smoked that pipe?
It is not as if I did not have any pride left.
I was up all night hurting because of the smoke
Simply because I could not help myself.

Yes, I was up until the break of dawn.
I tried every program, clinic, and remedy.
However, I could not leave that pipe alone.
Then, Jesus came and He rescued me.

This is my life, open for all to see
Because of that pipe, my life is no longer my own.
When Jesus came, I gave it to Him.
He made that pipe leave me alone.

(Copyright 2007)

Daniel Ramirez 23 October 2007

a very sad but beautiful poem, starting out tragic but with an ending to inspire all those but the few who choose not to open up to god! Thanks Walker for sharing this with PoemHunter.....

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Ewigi Liebe 30 September 2007

Jesus always know how to show us the way, that we may walk with him...its wonderful to hear that Gods love and his words are moving to all generation.....God bless you. Mary

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