Noah Body

My Mind's Meanderings - Poem by Noah Body

An oblate spheroid covered in blues and greens
Here and there spots of brown,
the top and bottom covered in white,
So huge yet so tiny

Half of it in bright light,
the other half in shadow
The light side shadowed by clouds
On the shadowed side can be seen myriad spots of light

Move closer and you can see features
Through the clouds
Oceans and continents
Great rivers and seas

Closer still and mountain ranges stand out
Chasms and canyons, great mountains and forests
Tiny spots that become cities
Almost lost in the vastness

And closer still -
Those cities become buildings
Vast to the ants that crawl among them
Moving purposefully about their business

Each tiny ant a person,
Each person a world unto themself
With wants and needs,
Fears and hopes

A microcosm inside the vast macrocosm of the planet
Yet the planet is but a spec in the eye of the cosmos
It calls itself home to all of us
It's insignificance is awe inspiring

How can we be so important
When our home is but a tiny spec
Among other specs, among still others
Wipe it away and the universe will scarce take notice

All things will go on as they must

Poet's Notes about The Poem

November 24,2009

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