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My Not So Sorrys... - Poem by flor felix

I'm sorry for calling you at towo in the morning,

I'm sorry for bothering you with my problems,
I'm sorry for telling you how much i hate people,
I'm sorry for hayeing yourgirlfreind,
I'm sorry for yelling at you,
I'm sorry for pulling your hair,
I'm sorry for laughing at you,
I'm sorry for never paying attention,
I''m sorry for skrewing you over,
I'm sorry for not ariving on time,
I'm sorry for making excuses not to talk to you,
I'm sorry for not answering your calls,
As things keep coming to mind...
Here are the five things im really sorry for,
I'm really sorry for stairing,
I'm really sorry for caring,
I'm really sorry for crying,
I'm really sorry for telling you i like you,
And I'm really sorry for making you read this,
But the truth is...I'll never be sorry
I call you at two in the morning becaus your the only one on my mind,
I bother you with my problems because your the only one who listens,
I tell you who I hate because yoy tell me to love,
I hate your girlfreind because she has what i want,
I yell at you because your not mine,
I pull your hair because you make me mad,
I laugh at you because you always say the wrong thing,
I never pay atention because I'm constantly distracted by your eyes,
I skrew you over because I'm afraid of being with you,
I'm never on time because I always have to be pushed,
I make up excuses because I'm afraid of what you'll say,
I dont answer your calls because i know I'll start to cry,
This things came to mind and when i said...
'Was really sorry'...
I really meant...
'Tell me you don't mind that i do this things because...'
I stair at you because your what i see in my dreams,
I care for you because thats all you let me do,
I cry because I'll never be with you,
I told you I liked you bec ause I couldn'n hide it anymore,
And i made you read this so you can fogive me and i can forget you...
Your in my sight...
Your in my evry thought...
Your in my soul, and
Your in my heart...
Now all i need you to be is gone
Because you weren't mine,
Your not mine,
And you'll never be mine,
'I'm just a fool that has finally fallen in love...'
And can finaly say...

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