Gokul Saravanan

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My Proposal (Original) - Poem by Gokul Saravanan

I met a girl
who's smile is like a pearl
birth of earl
called love inside my heart
The feeling of love
and i asked 'How? '
Now i know the answer
The day i met
i regret
now i cant forget
Now what do i do
call a voo-doo
make her love me forever...
Or is this wrong
I have to be strong
in my love
Thinking of her eyes
brings a demise
of my heart...
Her cunning look
(next sec) am on the hook
of the Cupid's arrow...
I beg of thy
to let me fly
from these chains of love...
All i fear
is a tear
from her eyes
or mine...
Am lost and confused
my vision is (now) profuse...
So, this is how
it feels to be in love...
Now i understand...
From the zenith's height
am thinking if this is right
pulling a fight
with my conciousness...
I am afraid, that i've lost
And this will cost...
my life...
Unless i can forget
the moment whence
i met her...
'Can it happen? '
i ask myself...
The voice echoed...
'Choose thyself'...
And you know that i am bad at choices
lost and confused in these voices
causing me to repeat things in these noises...
I dont know how long i can keep this up!
when someone asks me 'Hey wassup! ? '
I reply 'nuthin to say'
the truth is far away...
Back to her... she's so cute
when i see her... i am mute
the reason being she did loot
my heart... now with her...
Without the beat
in this heat
I cant breath
I am lost
lost forever
in this maze
called love a dear...
The entrance was up
now am down
I cant escape
I would drown...
due to this gravity
in this insanity
dont be mad at me
this is all's there with me...
Now she's my heart
a part of me
we cant be apart
for in hell i can be...
All has changed
from the moment
I met a girl
in this event...
A trap by Cupid
and i fell for
rang the bell
going to hell...
This is what i fear
Oh my dear... <3
Save me from this triumph of fate
Or is this too late
I didnt ask you for a date
Plz dont tell me that you hate...
me for what i just i told you
You have made me completely new
with my heart inside you
all i ask is to give me love...
The girl I met is the answer
for the question that dwelled (in) my mind...
Did she steal my heart
Or did i lose my part
doesnt really matter now
for i am lost in love...

lost in love...

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