Vado Masinovic

My Scream!

I am a disappointment
I think
that I make people happy
but really I make them sad.
I think
I'm a stress reliever
but really I'm the cause
I think
I'm a miracle
but really I'm a mistake

Can anyone see!
I'm struggling
I don't know what to do
I'm not a perfect friend
I'm not a perfect child
I'm not even a perfect human!
So why make me feel bad
about myself?
Why am I the trouble?
Is trying not enough these days
Inside I'm breaking down
but on the outside I'm staying strong.

Mom, Dad!
I'm sorry
I'm sorry that
I cant be a perfect child
I'm sorry that
I make stupid mistakes
but doesn't everyone
I'm sorry I don't ask for things
its not my money
Its not my work
Its yours
all yours..
Its so hard to see you
work so hard for it
and give it away for nothing
Just please don't yell
Don't scream
Cause inside I'm crying
Can you forgive me?
I'm sorry
I'm sorry for being so
I'm sorry for loving you
I'm sorry for caring
I'm sorry for being a friend
I'm sorry for even being real

How can you ever forgive me?

I'm sorry for everyone
I'm sorry for being a disappointment
I'm sorry for caring
I'm sorry for trying
I'm sorry for being the mistake
in your life.

Do you blame me?
Do you blame me for being staying up
all night just to listen?
Do you blame me for saying hi
and becoming something to you?
Do you blame me for the words I say?
Do you blame me for speaking out?
Do you blame me for having a heart?
Do you?

Your the monster
the monster that created me,
the monster that made me afraid,
not fearless.
You thought of me
as a joke,
treated me like I was no one.
I wanted to look up
to you.
But something told me
to run.
But I couldn't.
My body just shut down.
its getting dark.
Please help me
the shadows my weakness,
but the monsters my fear.
I need to get away
but how?

Topic(s) of this poem: hurt

Poem Submitted: Sunday, May 25, 2014

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Poet's Notes about The Poem

This poems just hard for me to even put a back ground story. Its just something I think about.

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