Major Elazia

Nairobi At Night - Poem by Major Elazia

Nairobi at night is a place of wonders

I was really amused the another night

When I took a stroll down Koinange street,

I met the beauty and the beasts in wait for clients

Some ran away, some jostled for my attention

But I heard my own voice in another silent whisper

Here I am in Koinange sampling the best of the city

The night workers are well dressed and enticing

A Mercedes, a Jaguar, a Shogun, Prados and all

The women never end, they are still abundant

And the number of customers is never ending

A few coins exchange for a quality time,

I see talk show celebs and musicians waiting for their clients

You see I'm not quadrupled on four wheels

So I decide let me try Sabina Joy

And this must be Sodom and Gomorrah under one blanket

Their is no hiding, everything is open

The Luo ladies are saying 'don't hide, just floss'

And beer flows around in the heart of the city

Even the cabinet ministers' sons frequent this place

Well, this place is too open, someone I know may find me

It is said that on River Road you get all you want

Anything from China to Somalia is there

I try my chance their knowing their are many hiding places

I sneak into a known joint of Indians

All I find are pure Kikuyus who originated from India

And they speak Gujarati as I salivate in anticipation

Disappointed I chance Eastleigh, and I find good Somalis

You can say fresh imports and exotic beauty

I make a bargain and they have no issue

I can have them for my leisure the whole night

If I only buy everything in her stall at once

So that she doesn't worry about missing her clothe customers too

I'm shocked, what is the use of the hijab

If its intended meaning is thrown away like that?

Why don't I try Nakumatt Westgate in Westlands?

This is a place frequented by the rich spoilt kids

Some get so tipsy they forget to ask for payments

I'm lucky just to find one of that caliber

In my embrace she tilts her head and vomits on my shirt

She gives me three thousand bob for dry cleaning

And tells me 'Dude, are we leaving? ' And she chews a blackout

I try to leave the place, sneak my way out

But security guards pounce on me,

I'm forced to carry this rich kid out of that place

For three thousand shillings I get arrested and spend the night in cells

The finally the following morning

I leave minus my cash, but the girl rescues me, thanks.

She strikes me with thunder bolt! Gosh!

'Oh! Now she wants me to date her! '

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, June 28, 2012

Poem Edited: Saturday, June 30, 2012

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