No Reason Poem by Hell 'Farya

No Reason

I hunged my shawl that morning.
My daily stroll as usual,
Old bones cackled like they were old,
They weren't.
Across the street,
Swarms of civilians,
Nabobs and authorities alike,
Ah, a bazaar!
I heaved out a sigh,
What's new today?
I strolled in quietly,
Almost unnoticed,
Or so I thought.
A boy,
Of six or so stared intensely,
His gaze piercing every part.
You caught me boy,
I walked down to his booth,
A shabby stall I must say,
He grinned shyly,
This old man knew no courtesy,
Except I wasn't old.
He wasn't a boy of plenty word,
What sells you? I ask'd.
What I sell. He replied.
I chuckled slyly.
You bastard of a boy, I thought.
Again, he caught me.
And why should I buy what you sell?
I ask'd.
A sigh, was his reply.
All I need is just a reason boy.
I pressed further.
Then he stared at me again,
With those eyes,
Then he spoke up,
No reason, he said,
He wiped his mouth clean.
I turned to leave but he tapped.
You asked for a reason, he said,
And I gave you one.
I chucked again.
You sly son of a beast, I groaned.
You play the chess I see,
He shook his head up, down, and sideways.
But why should I buy for no reason?
I ask'd.
'Cox that was the reason I gave,
And they do come back,
For no reason. He said.
Now our gaze pierced,
For some seconds.
Okay boy, I said.
Then I bought that which he sells.
And lo!
For no reason,
I found myself yet again,
On every bazaar,
Queuing in front of his booth,
His old shabby stall.

Sunday, June 2, 2024
Topic(s) of this poem: boy,market,man,reason,narrative
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