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North And South Love - Poem by mark king

It all started with a smile
I am smiling at her
And she smiles back
Maybe we caught love then
She is 5’8”
With long brown hair
Misty blue eyes
And an attitude
That said the world is mine

There was an October chill
And everyone was getting ready
For Halloween
I told her my name
And asked for hers
Then I asked her out
And she told me no
So, I shuffled back upstairs
To play the chords
That gives me peace

About a week later
She knocked on my door
Saying yes
A month later
After a snow fall
We where in the park
Making snow angels
and talking about how
we would warm up
under the covers

later that night
I told her to get into the bed
Because I had a surprise for her
She gave me a curious look
When I waltzed back in
With my guitar strapped to me
Her first tear fell
On the first word
Of Bob Seger’s
Accompany me
After the song
I asked her to live with me
She ripped my cloths off
And we made mad love
With my guitar still on the bed
I plucked notes
To the rhythm of love

Around two months later
Love turned sour
Her sobriety went with the wind
And so did her senses
As she walked a path
Of drugs, schemes and lies
I came home one morning
After work
And there was a stranger
In my parking lot
He couldn’t start his car
Nor could he hid his cocaine eyes
I checked his car
And told him the starter was shot
Then I gave him a ride
While he told me all

She pretended to be resting
But stirring too much
As I fell asleep
She crept out of bed
To meet decadence

When I wake up
She was gone
Leaving a note
That said this and that
But I know better
She was clean and sober
When we met
Funny how things go

The coffee is hot
And the tears salty
As the yoke of love is broken
Leaving me to embrace myself
And my music
At least they never
Leave, hurt or lie

I called off work that night
The March air was crisp
And refreshing
In a bitter way
As I packed the van
In sadness
With all her stuff
And all the memories
I knew we had sowed the seeds of love
And not harvested them

Late that night
When most people sleep
She came in
Surprise was written all over her face
Along with tears
Sipping the coffee staring at her face
She looked at me with those cocaine eyes
And said she had fallen again
But she really loved me
I took my heart
Off my sleeve
And hid it away
In a dark place
So no hurt
Would friend it

After a moment of silence
I told her
There can be no love with doubt
It would only be a slow death
I thanked her for her love
When I was hurt from another
And we drove in silence
Through the March night

The motel sign said vacancy
And I thought
Life is full of vacancies
Of the heart and home
Some in pain
Some in peace

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