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Not Guilty - Poem by niakeva thomas

I sit behind the podium and out the words I spill,
No one understands me, no one knows the pain I feel,
I want to escape this nightmare, but never once do I budge,
All eyes on me, watching me as they judge,
I tell them what happened, I sit there and plead my case,
But no one will believe me, with this smile upon my face,
He rises out of his seat, and with the questions he begins,
'What happened when you got home? ' and 'Do you know this man? '.
I answer the questions quickly, wanting the memories to be gone,
Tears fill my eyes, but I still try to be strong,
They symapthize for me, all are on my side,
They know what I've been through, the crowd is horrified,
They gasp at the story, and shake their heads in disbelief,
Finally he will pay, I say and then sigh with relief,
Now this man will suffer, the consequences for his actions,
After what he did to me, and what I had let happen,
I thought that it was over but the questions had just begun,
He told them everything, told them I didn't run,
He told them she wanted it and never once did I fight back,
That's the reason why it happened, why her innocence she lack,
They started to believe him, all were on his side,
The more he told his story, the harder that I cried,
This couldn't be happening, those things were partially true,
I didn't stay because I wanted it, but because I was afraid of you,
I didn't want you to hurt me, anymore than you already had,
And whenever I trie to leave, that only made you more mad,
But it was much tood late, no one believed me now,
They all thought I was sick, 'How could I she do this? How? ',
'How could she put away a man, for doing something that she wanted? ',
Now for the rest of my life, from these memories I will be haunted,
This couldn't actually be happening, this could not have been true,
I tried to convience them otherwise, but there was nothing I could do,
The verdict had reached their decision, all had thought the same,
They believed every word he said, believed all the lies he claimed,
They let him walk away, a man so dedietful and so filthy,
He engrossed them with his lies, and they found him 'Not Guilty',

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