Anna Travers

Not Proud To Be British - Poem by Anna Travers

I didn’t want to go to war
When i don’t even understand what it’s for
No clear idea of what we are battling
So much politricks all of which is confusing

Soldiers killing people in the name of this and that
A backwards and forwards game of tit for tat
While children lay dead out on the street
As countries cause terror in a bid to defeat

Where was my choice in this thing you call war
That could bring retribution right to our door
Bombs and planes and talk of a no fly zone
How about more talk about leaving them alone

What has it got to do with us?
As you continue to kill and cause so much fuss
Are you in it for cash or for reputation?
Why do you risk the lives of your nation?

You can’t even control our own back garden
As you come on telly talking war talk, shit and jargon
How would you feel if you were at home playing?
And all of a sudden it’s your family they are slaying

They say there are 3 reasons to go to war
But if you include greed then it’s four
For your family your country and of course the oil
Well war for oil just makes my blood boil

How does this end where does it cease
When the war torn towns no longer feel peace
A trail of destruction, with nowhere to live
So room in our country we are forced to give

I don’t have an issue as unlike you i am glad to share
But we know fine well that will cause more financial despair
Oh well i guess to sit back i have no choice
But i just needed to give myself a voice

I am not proud to be British, I won’t be led
And i am not going back on anything i have said
I am sorry for the lives that have been taken
And hope that not many of US will be forsaken

For your poorly though out tactics and lack of expertise
That could bring our country down onto its knees! ! ! !

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Poem Submitted: Saturday, May 11, 2013

Poem Edited: Monday, September 16, 2013

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