Justin Reamer

Freshman - 967 Points (2 October 1993 / Holland, Michigan)

Obama - Poem by Justin Reamer

President Barack Hussein Obama,

So, you are running
For president this
Fine year, are you?

So what do you plan to
Do with this country
If you are claiming that
Romney is the problem?

Tell, me, what do you
Plan to do with the country
That will save it from
Total disaster?

What are you going to do
Differently than when
You were president
During your first term?

What are you going to do?

Are you going to give
Illegal immigrants
A free education
(That is, those
Who were in the country
For less than five years) ?

Are you going to enforce
'Obamacare, '
As they call it,
With an iron fist?

Are you going to swindle
Americans of their money,
No matter what the cost?

Are you going to exterminate
The middle class while the
Wealthy bastards on Wall Street
Know all the loopholes
And get away with it without
Paying a single dime
That hurts them?

Are you going to start taxing
Everything you see?

Are you going to bring our
Lost jobs back from
China and give employment
To those who were laid off
Because of the economy?

Are you going to employ
The unemployed, and
Are you going to help
Them in whatever way you can?

Are you really going to say
That Americans do not
Have to pay taxes on certain
Programmes when you know
Full well that they will
Have to pay them anyway?

Will you help those in the
Lower classes,
Like those who are extremely poor,
And who have to work
Their asses off
Just to get food for
Their families?

Will you help homosexuals get
Their rights and freedoms,
As they deserve them?

Will you fire military
Generals just because they
Are utilising the
First Amendment,
Which you should probably
Know since you are a politician?

Do you have any regard
To the Constitution at all,
Especially when you make
The bogus laws you make?

Will you be a good diplomat
To Europe and Asia,
To China and India,
And to all the countries
In the Middle East?

Will you cooperate with Iran
And North Corea,
Even though they may not like us,
Will you just leave them alone?

Will you continue the endless
War in the Middle East,
When the Peace Corps
Can help with the problems there,
And our family members can come
Back home,
So they do not have
To risk their lives
For a pointless cause,
Whatever your so-called
'Cause' may be?

Obama, you
Have not been
A good president thus
Far, for the
American people
Have lost many jobs
Due to your stupidity
And inexperience.

You do not know how
To help the economy
At all these days.
You could lower taxes
On industries so
Companies do not have
To pay so much
And so that they will
Be willing to make jobs here.
I mean, if Europe was your inspiration,
Then look at Switzerland,
Who has a low industry tax
In order to help their people,
The Swiss which we all know,
Get jobs in the first place.

Passing the DREAM Act
Is just not fair,
Because I am a college student,
And I had to work my arse
Off to get to where I am today,
And I have to pay for everything,
And someone who is not a citizen,
Who has no right to be here,
Gets an education for free.
What is the point with that?
How about you help those
Who are very poor and
Are minorities
And are U.S. citizens?

I mean, think about
An African American man
Who is seventeen
And lived in the slums
Of Detroit all of his life,
And he does not have any money
To pay for college tuition,
The textbooks and laptop,
The room expenses,
The board expenses,
The meal plan,
The parking permit,
Extra clothes and furniture,
And none of that.
I mean, he is a U.S. citizen,
And his parents cannot
Afford the tuition.
Is it fair to him
That he cannot go to college,
Even though he had a 4.0
In high school,
And his dream was to become
More than what he already was?

Obama, who are you
To exclude the American
People from things like this,
And who are you to make
Illegal immigrants
Who are not citizens at all
Get an advantage
Over those who are minorities
And U.S. citizens?

My friend, you are something else,
And I must say that it is
Very stupid to be wasting money
Like that,
Even when the national debt
Keeps increasing.

And you passed Obamacare,
And you expect it to work,
Yet you do not even realise
The consequences it puts on
The American people.

So you think it would not
Raise taxes at all?
You think the American people
Will not have to pay for Obamacare?
Well, let me tell you, sonny,
That the American people,
Especially the Middle Class,
Will have to pay an extra 15%
For that stupid programme of yours
That you passed not too long ago.

You are going to rule out
The middle class,
And we are going to suffer greatly
Just because of your incompetence.

The only good thing you
May have managed to do
Was killing Osama bin Laden,
The creep Muslim
Who was the leader of the
Terrorist group al-Qaeda.

And, yet, you still
Managed to tick off
Hamid Karzai,
The leader of Afghanistan,
Who was trying to protect
His people from
The Taliban,
The radical group
Who were killing
People left and right.

And Karzai was mad
Because there were so
Many innocent casualties,
So he threatened to declare war
On the United States,
Saying that the United States
Was not a helping force,
But rather an invading force.

Do you want to be at war with
An entire country
When many Middle Eastern countries
Hate us so much
Because of what we did
With Israel,
Making the nation
(Which is not a bad thing) ,
And protecting it,
And supporting the Shah of Iran
Just to get cheaper oil,
While the Shah killed
Thousands of people,
Many of which were
Political prisoners?
I do not want to go there,
Especially when Iran hates us,
And Ayatollah Khomeini
Called us the 'Great Satan'
And Ahmadinejad declared
That the Holocaust did
Not exist
And wants us destroyed
And bin Laden
Wanted all of us
To die and suffer
The way the Ottoman Empire
Did in the early twentieth century
When we included no one but the superpowers
In the Treaty of Versailles
After World War I,
Which caused many of the problems
In the late twentieth century,
And early twenty-first century,
With the Israelis and the Palestinians
Fighting like dogs,
And much of the Middle East killing
Each other,
Like Iraq did with the Sunnis and Shiites,
And the Jordanians fought
And killed each other,
And Saudi Arabia,
Egypt and Jordan,
Oman and Yemen,
And Syria,
And Palestine,
And Qatar and Darfur
All fought with Israel
And amongst each other,
And also when
Saddham Hussein
Tried to invade Kuwait,
And also the problems
That came with the Vietnam War,
And also the problems
That came with World War II,
And the problems that came with
The Corean War,
And the problems that
Came with the Cold War,
Such as Greece,
And Cuba,
And much more.

I do not want to go there,
And I do not know about you,
But I do not want to ruin
This country by running
It into the ground.

Thank you for listening,
And I hope you know
That I just might not
Vote for you this coming
Election year.

Thank you, sir.

Poet's Notes about The Poem

This is a politically charged note. I don't really like Obama or Romney, but this poem is a representation of what I would say to both candidates if I were to meet them in person.

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