Max Gatrell

Rookie (Harrow, U.K.)

Ode To Ouija - Poem by Max Gatrell

Five fingers joined, sating dark obsession,
Five looking nervous, tempt their possession.
Hands all touching, knees annexed,
Call to Spirits, cruel and vexed.

'Prepare make haste, with focused mind,
With pure intent, our will combined.'

'Is anybody there? all as one,
Is anybody there? do not shun.
Is anybody there? whence are thee?
Is anybody there? answer me! '

'Foolish crowd, to break our slumber,
Now our wrath, ye shall encumber.'

'Spirit esteemed, where do you dwell?
In limbo lost or Dante's Hell? '
Then spelling words, loathe and base,
Moved the glass, at blistering pace:

'Dolorous bane! The realm insane'
Abode of Dis! That dark abyss.'

'Venerable spirit, bequeath thy name?
Who you are, from whence ye came?
Art thou famed or yet unknown?
Wear thee flesh or crumbling bone? '

The table shuddered, the table tipped,
Across the board, the Planchette skipped:

'I am Legion! We are slew,
I am many! you are few.
I was vermin! I was swine,
Upon thy soul, I shall dine.'

'Did you die, were you born?
From mortal coil, haply torn? '

'I have lived, I have died,
I have wept, I have cried.
I have bred, I have begot,
I am estranged, I am forgot.'

'In which concentric, do you abide?
I beg thee this, to me confide.'

'The river! The river!
Across we shall deliver,
The Styx! The Styx!
A Place where Dead things Mix.'

Hearing this babble, made them annoyed,
Disbanded the group, conviction destroyed:

'You ramble now, to null result,
Hence no more, I shall consult.
Today is not my time to die,
Wrong are thee, therefore goodbye.'

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Poem Submitted: Monday, May 9, 2011

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