Dilantha Gunawardana

Oh Sweet Victoria - Poem by Dilantha Gunawardana

You embraced my perfect world like a Siamese kitten
The center of my universe unequivocally smitten
Beyond the tides of euphoria god's blessings deliver
My little princess by my side for love to deluge like a river

There was a vicious twist though to my mystical fairytale
As there was a violent storm, summer drops of hale
As my mutant genes ambushed the amniotic water
My whole life began to momentously falter

The water broke as the life inside of me slithered
To the vast opens as my body momentarily withered
The labor of childbirth merely ecstasy exercising her melancholy
For a bundle of joy to awaken to God's miracle, my own little dolly

The storm of life's hale brought in a viscous cold
As my heart shattered against the pain in her many fold
She was born with a hiatus in her magnanimous heart
To bequeath on my sweet Victoria the brevity of life to chart

She was tanned in complexion, caramelized brown sugar to the eyes
Torrents of bliss for the human getaways as her life time flies
From the ripples of the amniotic fluid to the gravity of her descent
As the earth crashed against the heavens for my angel to ascent

Bound to the pearly gates as her dainty bassinet leavens
For her life to endlessly glimmer in the realms of heaven
I shed an infinitude of tears as the euphoria metamorphoses to mania
As I crash my fists on the bed frames reminiscing my sweet little Victoria

I can no longer dwell in the sanctuary of mortal sanity
As I make a donation of my psyche to Lucifer's gravity
Now my mind flays in the multitude of tugs cerebral
As the floundering pain flattens the heart of a fateful rebel

Life in the constant twilight under the watchful eye of Bedlam
My journey to Lucifer's backyard from the bassinet's bed lamp
As sweet little Victoria enlivened the raging ghosts of my head
As I inhale fogs of her memories but no life lives ahead

She is basking on empyrean fields while I languish in my own feeble hell
Enslaved to the venom of pills' glory in my own melancholic tale
The rest of my living days will be spent in unforgiving mists of despair
With fellow mercenaries of the mind in bedlam's glare

As I gaze through a window in fate's jaded crucible
As blasphemous discourse burns within my flaming temple
Life blossomed for a second then My Victoria died
As to a rugged wooden cross of insanity is my life forever crucified

Poet's Notes about The Poem

Ode to a woman who lost her sanity as her newborn was taken to a premature heaven

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Poem Edited: Wednesday, January 23, 2013

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