Starfish Starfish

Once Upon A Time

On driving home tonight, I searched the sky
for something, something even I was not sure
of. ‘Tis a trifle sad when you have this longing
and you are not particularly certain
what it is. I noticed with disappointment
that the stars were not as bright as
other nights. Perhaps it was my imagination
that they were getting less, more distant,
further apart from each other. What struck
me the most is that the sky was dark
and lonely, reflecting me. I could not even find the moon.
No golden glow from the moonbeams, which
normally dance their special dance with the
stars and light up the sky, the stuff that
fairytales are made of. There was certainly
no ‘Once Upon a Time’ in tonight’s sky, no
place for dreams, nothing to beckon my way.

For moments I stood staring at the rather
empty nothingness up above and wondered just
fleetingly where I am going, what am I
doing, am I taking the right path? For this
incredible moment I felt quite alone. Was
it perhaps natures’ way showing me what I
was feeling inside, a purpose to be alive
and breathing. Like the sky serving a
purpose, but what is this that is inside
of me, this emptiness I feel? ? The glow of
love had touched me once, just like the
moonbeams cast its glow, why has mine gone,
why is my heart so empty? The stars perhaps
symbolizing the distance I feel to the one
who once caused this glow. Now he is similar
to the stars, which seem to have moved even
further apart. Even the moon does not
display this night, like I perhaps, keeping
my heart hidden and safe from harm

Is it that the cosmos is reflecting what I
feel, the loneliness, even though focused on
a purpose, having no glow, nothing but a
lonely beating heart which once beat in syn
with another. Where is my fairytale
tonight, where is the stuff that makes my
heart beat faster and faster at the mere
though of being held safe in another’s arms?
Where is this Gift of everlasting love that
God promised us? Perhaps, another time, I
would be able to look up at the sky and feel
unlike tonight. It would be good to fill my
eyes on a feast of stars and the brightest
moon. Should that day arrive, I know truly
then that I have found that glow within me,
instilled by one great love? I would then
live my once upon a time.

Poem Submitted: Wednesday, February 24, 2010

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