Once We Were Friends Poem by Rose Marie Cook

Once We Were Friends

Rating: 5.0

I'm tired of being strong when everything's not right.
I'm sick of holdin' back and cryin' myself to sleep at night.
Just holdin' my head high, bitin' my tongue.
Not saying what I want to say.
Gettin' beat down; put down.
My heart's already broken; shattered to pieces.
Nothin' more they can say or do.
The damage is done, they've already won.
What's the point of joining in if you can't take it?
Why start somethin' you can't finish?
But what's hurting me the most is not their words or actions,
It's you. You watch them do this to me and you just let them.
We were friends, how could you just sit there?
Doesn't it hurt you to see them do this to me?
Some friend you are, I help you with whatever you need and this is how you repay me?
Backstabber you can join the others in your self pitying hell, cause I'm done with you.
So don't come askin' for my help when you need someone to talk and confess to.
If you won't help or listen to me, then I'm done doin' it for you.

Marieta Maglas 06 July 2009

meaningful and awareness raising piece well penned..10

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