Wensday Wood

Rookie (Silver Spring)

One Last Insult - Poem by Wensday Wood

I wake up and look in the mirror
A bad hair day is a typical thing
I fix it the best I can to look nice

I go out for today I go to the doctor
You take me their and on the way complain
OH MY GOD! What bad hair you have!

You pull over to some cheesy dollar store
20 bucks are shoved to me and said buy a hat
Furious I get out and close the door

I buy the most decent hat there humiliated
Then returning to your car with a hat on
You yell and shout about me ‘slamming’ the door

I don’t bother to argue as you start insulting
My hair and my self esteem goes lower than ever
Before as you continue to say how bad it is

I stare out the window thinking of how many times
I tried to get it down and make it look nice
But every time for you it comes out tumbleweed

Your favorite insult is saying it looks like
Someone flushed a toilet on my head
And that I also stink like one as well

You rant on but I'm no longer listening
I read my book on holding the tears till the doctor
There I go and the light is powerful

I go side my shirt since it was much darker
You yell that I’m lying and saying I’m a selfish brat
You rant on and I can’t really stop the tears

Want to hit you, kill you or somehow shut you up
So that these tears can go away you insult me
In front of my doctor who thinks now I need a psychiatrist

You rant on with her and finally salvation I excuse
Myself to the bathroom and there I fall to the floor
Crying in the pain you have caused me

You can’t tell how your words toll on me or
Even see the effects that it takes on me
But then yet again I never show you anything

Time goes and I realize I must be getting back
I clean myself up and think of my excuse for you
So that no suspicion is detected or hinted to you

I get home and cry cry cry the night away
Going home with you reminds me of every time
You ever insulted me wither it be looks or thoughts

I couldn’t take anymore of this and decide it is my time
The grim reaper can not chose fate since life
Is in my palm with everything else in life

I sneak out that night with the kitchen knife
I take it out and run into the wood for a good
Spot to leave my deceased body for no one

I tie the knot and swing it over a good branch
I knock down the books I stood on and choke
I fail causing the knife to plunge in to me

Slowly I can feel life slipping away and seeing how
Much happier you would be without me and how
You finally get your second daughter that you wanted

No longer is there another boy in the family but now
You can raise a perfect daughter that you have always
Wanted instead of the screw-up in front of you

Now I feel myself taking my last few breathes before
Checking to see if I have my will and letter in my pocket
So that you can see this was because of you

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Poem Submitted: Monday, April 7, 2008

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