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One Regret At A Time - Poem by angel bor.

Im sure when he pulled the trigger he new what he was geting himself into now im almost certain that he regrets saying and doing certain things I regret things to and
now after really thinking about it I think half of my family regrets saying a few bad things to him also
living life with him was not always easy It was difficult yet fun It was painful tears yet happy ones It was
saying I LOVE YOU DADDY and meaning every word of
it. say goodbye to him in the morning saying goodnight to
him at night knowing that he might not be the same wishing that he could be the same person instead of two hoping praying that my daddy would make it threw now that
he's gone it's a fight for me to close my eyes at night
knowing he's not here with me knowing in my daddy's
arms i'll never be I was daddy's little girl you see that's why it's so painful for me to accept that he's
gone and take the responsibility yes he's gone but not forgotten not lost but found in my mind and in my heart he's alway's living through me I sometimes pretend he's only at work sitting by the door waiting for him to
come but when i do i cry with saddness wishing he
was here with the SMIRK on his face and his beautiful
blue eyes staring back at me I know my daddy's watching down on me and you I know one day we will meet again
but this time i know it will be my Daddy i run to this
time i know he'll be free the one person we would wish
for him to be but now he's home with his mom and dad wishing and hoping he's in a good place I know when i
see him i'll run to him and say Daddy your here yes
your here today when we meet again it will be like you
coming home from work and i'll run and i'll jump and
i'll say i missed you why did you have to go away?
In my mind i see us at PANCHOS eating our food
knowing right after we would go to BOOKMANS running
and jumping attacking each other you and Sammie
racing to the door me and kyle down to the floor
Mom just laughing saying 'Oh my god you guy's! ! ' yeah i remember man howtime flys no fighting no troubles
I know you had to go but why why so soon? ? I know it was your time god alway's takes the people he need's the most and that we love dearley Kyle is spittin image of
you running around the house having your walk
and your talk it's kind of cute the way he wants to be like you sometimes i feel like your him at night
when he hug's me Mom is alright you know how she is....dying her hair every month CARROT TOP! ! you remember? yes i do and i know your laughing too
mom misses you dad and i know she is hurt but i know she tries to stay strong and carring the burden that
your gone just hurts I know she misses you dearly
but she has to let you free Sam is just so crazy she misses you too she thinks of you daily and wants you to come home but she know's you are now free and you are so happy to be she thinks of your guy's ups and downs and wishes it would have ended better but things happen for a reason and she hopes to see you soon as for everyone else they are good they are missing you too until we meet again dad I'll be down here looking up and wishing on a star to see your face soon but not soon enough until we meet again dad.... I'll be seeing you!

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, May 13, 2010

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