Marsean Warren

Pain - Poem by Marsean Warren

How much pain do you think one person can take? ? their a limit in your body that say ' had enough' or can in movies, overcome da pain we feel..I know I can only take so much, I mean we bottle so much pain insaid afriad 2 say wat we want, afirad 2 tell ppl wat we really think about them, we bottle it up cuz we don't want 2 loss a friendship over wat we we push is inside with da rest of da pain...tell them hollow words 2 put a smile on their face..(I have not been doin it lately, but 4 most of life that's all I did) I don't think its good 2 keep some much pain inside, when my cuzin died I didn't show no emotion to nobody..I told ppl I waz ok, n thank you 4 askin, when really I wanted 2 kill myself(I tried) ..I hated them all..they didn't know shit about him, but they waz sorry... I felt like killing ppl, I dream about it 4 a long time...I hated da world, but most of all I hated myself 4 not being their 4 much pain eatting away at you from the inside out can kill you know by now I'm not talking about physical pain but mental pain.....mental pain can kill you just as fast as physical pain, and if you keep letting that pain bill up, you might go off one day on somebody just 4 asking you somthing you didn't like....sooo...maybe you don't have no pain n you think this is some bull..well that is your opinion in you have a right 2 it, but 4 da rest of us who do have pain inside..try 2 get it out...tell somebody, say it outloud, or write it down(I worte it down then burned it) I mean do wat you got 2 do just don't keep it all 2 you self...its only so much a person can take....if you have somebody that you love tell them...that's what they their 4....

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, January 31, 2010

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