Amber Chalia

Pain - Poem by Amber Chalia

'What does pain feel like', I asked a wise man,
Just love someone who won't love you back then you will understand,

So I loved a girl as my best,
I tried everything to impress her, but she failed me in her every single test,

Everyday I was dying, like a river I was crying,
I was doing everything for her but she wasn't buyin, then I started lying,

I kept lyin to my self, someday she will be mine,
May be I was 4or5 but I believe I was zero and she was 9 out of 9,

I started day dreaming a lot, I started hoping a lot,
Every time when I saw her it hurts, that's what I got,

I started pissing in my pants and crying my eyes out,
That time I could sell my soul for her, thier is not Doubt,

My eyes became dull and my face even didn't look like mine,
Everyday I prayed for her because I was blind,

I was so broke, I could hardly breath,
That time I could hardly sleep and hardly eat,

I went to same wise man,
He looked at me and he knew I was in pain, because I could hardly stand,

I asked to help me, 'I'm dying'
He opened his mouth with great words 'stop lying',

I didn't get it first, my brain was about to burst,
'You are lying that she is your soul mate but for her your love is just dust'

Although my love was true, that's fine,
Coz that girl never meant as mine,

'Their are too many things you should understand,
You can't have everything that you love' said by the wise man,

'But what now, I'm in pain, that not how I should feel'
'The pain will go away if you tell yourself truth, wound heals'

Now I know what does pain feel like, its like I know its key,
Wise man said, ' now you are wise as me'.

Topic(s) of this poem: one side lover, sad love

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, December 10, 2015

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