Park-Park Poem by gnrao rao


'Give me a ticket,
Give me a ticket''
said an old man
in the railway

There was a bit queue,
It was a long queue,
The old man repeated
his demand.

He showed the Rs.500 note
and asked for the ticket,
He never told
for which destination.

The man in the counter,
The people in the queue,
were getting tense,
and restless.

The counter -clerk
got up from his seat,
came and contacted
The police in mufty
and he told him about
the old man.

The police man came
there, and asked that
old man what he wanted,
The old man complained
about the counter-clerk.

The police in mufti.
joined the old man
and criticised
the counter clerk.

He offered him the
help and told the
old man
he would get the

The police accompanied
the old man,
and by the way,
asked him,
where had he
parked the car.

The old man
was very happy to
tell about his car,
the latest 'AUDI'

When they both
reached where the
car was parked,
the police
noticed the parking
of the car.
in the

He took the book
from his pocket
and gave him
a ticket for hiw
wrong parking.

The old man
was very happy
because he got the

What mistake
did the old
man do?
He asked for
the ticket
Without telling
the name of station
where he wanted to go.

and also he parked
the car in the wrong place.

A lover and love went
to a park, ]
It was around 8 o'clock,
the park was getting
closed for that day.

The moon was shining,
The stars were twinkling,
The love asked him,
'How long will you love me? '
He said at once
'As long as the moon shines.'
You know what it means,

Children like to go to
the park to run and play
and to play in the see-saw
the sliding ladder.

Some people park
their car,
in front of the gate
of the park.

Police they] come,
and tug off the car.
When the owner comes
Out, he finds his
car missing.
The passer by tells
him about the police

Why park the car
in the wrong place?

There are parking lots,
Some are parked in the
some in the other floors.
You must remember,
or you will waste your
time and energy
in searching
for the car.

If you have
Parkinson's disease,
neither you can drive
the car,
not you can park the
car in any way.

what is this?
IT is called palsy,
the person will
have tremor of hands.

Saturday, September 30, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: handicapped
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