Frank McEleny

Philippians In Poetry - Poem by Frank McEleny

Whether I live or whether I die
May Christ be magnified in me
Whether I go to my Father on high
Let Christ be all that they see

I am not afraid to die
I long to be away from this place
I'll take my wings, to His glory I'll fly
That I may behold His face

To live is Christ and to die is gain
For the Kingdom dwells in my heart
No matter what I suffer, no matter the pain
From my Jesus I am never apart

So let men do what ere they may
For I shall suffer for His sake
I will raise my hands to God and pray
For my soul is His and His to take

So let us stand together as one
In the gospel of Christ our Lord
And we shall stand till the day is done
With the Lamb and the Blood and the Sword

Stand fast my brothers and do not yield
When the enemy comes in like a flood
We shall live or die on the battle-field
For we are covered by Emmanuel's Blood

He took on the form of a bondservant
And came in the likeness of man
Glory stepped down into darkness
And the fulfillment of God's holy plan

And He humbled Himself and was obedient
And was willing to suffer the loss
Of His glory and majesty of heaven above
And die, even the death of the cross

Therefore God has highly exalted Him
With the name which is above every name
And forever the name of Jesus
The angels will sing of its fame

And every knee in heaven and earth
Shall bow to Christ the King
And every tongue will confess His name
And all their praises they will sing

So walk with the Lord and do His will
And seek only heavenly treasure
And He will do a work in you
That's His will and for His good pleasure

Children of God, walk without fault
In the midst of a crooked generation
Let your light so shine before men
That they too may find salvation

Rejoice in the Lord always
And lift His holy name
Rejoice in the Lord, the God of all
Who never leaves us the same

You can grow up in the church
And go through the motions
You can sing the hymns
And read the devotions

You can do all of that
And do it with zeal
But if you dont't know the Lord
Then what's the deal?

But just one moment
In His glorious presence
To know who He is
Just know His essence

will render all religion
Perfectly meaningless
As we kneel at His throne
In the beauty of Holiness

Now everything before
We count as lost
As we embrace the throne
As we embrace the cross

This knowledge of our God
To be found in Him
Makes the things of the world
Grow strangly dim

His inpenatrable light
Is what makes this world dim
All that now counts
Is that I know Him

Not that I am perfect
But I press on in
To grow closer to God
To grow further from sin

And now I forget
Those things left behind
I now look forward
For I'm no longer blind

And with those eyes
He has given to me
I look to the Lord
To be all that I see

He fills up my vision
With His glory above
He fills this new heart
With His glorious love

Even though I must suffer
The loss of all things
My heart could care less
To my Saviour it clings

So avoid at all cost
I tell you with weeping
The enemies of the cross
Who would keep you all sleeping

For their end is destruction
And they seek only gold
They will wither and die
As God's judgments unfold

Be anxious for nothing
And stand by His side
Lift your prayers to the Lord
Do not run, do not hide

And everything in prayer
And by supplication
You must fall to you knees
In humble adoration

And with a thankfull heart
He fills you with peace
Lift your hands to the King
May your worship never cease

And this peace that surpasses
All understanding
Will guard your heart through Jesus
With a peace that's outstanding

For whatever things are noble
And whatever things are true
Meditate on these
That's what you must do

Think about virtue
And what's worthy of praise
Whatever things are lovely
Dwell on these all your days

And learn to be content
And walk without need
For the Lord is our resource
He's our provider indeed

And whether we are hungry
Or whether we're full
We will tell the whole world
He reigns and rules

For I can do all things
For Christ strengthens me
He's the King of all Kings
He has set me free

According to His riches
He'll supply every need
He's the giver of life
He's the sower of seed

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