Please Let Me In Poem by Edward Rhodes

Please Let Me In

Please listen to me, let me in
I don't know where I should begin
Please don't subject me to your frown
Or leave me in my dressing gown
Locked out the door, here in the street
You see, it’s rather indiscreet
When dressed like this, outside the flat
In dressing gown and cowboy hat!
Patiently standing on the grass
Speak sweetly as the neighbours pass
Say, 'How d’ you do? ' - Wait for replies
They gape at me with goggle-eyes
And underneath their breath they mumble
Watch me as I grope and fumble
For keys that I pretend I've got
Does it convince them? I think not
Open your window, see me there
Reflect on how the neighbours stare
Peer through their curtains. Passers-by
Just shake their heads and with a sigh
Walk on. I’ve said I’m sorry twice
This really, really isn't nice
I knew this was a bad idea
I should have listened to the fear
Within my heart, when yesterday
I thought that I'd come round and play
Beautiful lady, hear my words
This situation is absurd
Must I remain here, locked outside
And hear the neighbourhood deride?
Please let me in now, please be kind
This isn't what I had in mind!

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