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Please Let Me In! - Poem by ness tillson

Time in a box,
My heart in prison.
So much noise,
Loud laughing and derision.
That I can't leave this seat at bar,
Can't leave this box, can't leave this chair.

Event though I know you have left me alone,
I can't get down from this plastic throne,
All made in imitation gold and silver,
Put time in a box with my heart forever.

Time in a box that goes on shrinking,
Shrinking and shrinking, smaller and smaller,
As they stuff in the work, harder and harder.
Pushing and pulling, tearing and fighting,
As the box closes in,
To the size of a pin,
My lungs explode with a din,
While my soul goes on wallowing in my sin,
I cry out for you to let me in.

My mind and brain dissolve into sludge,
A sticky lump of grey brown fudge,
Dissolves into the primal soup of confusion,
As I sink deeper into delusion.

Can this really be real?
Or am I already dead?
Emptied the gun into my head.
Is this me and is that all?
A red blood stain on your clean white wall.

Nothing left to regret nor desire,
Nothing left I can't throw on the fire.

The same fire that burnt Joanne of Arc,
The same one that couldn't burn her sacred heart.

The same fire that burn here in hell,
The one that I lit here at the bottom of the well.

As the box of time squeezes me in,
I know you have left me alone in my sin.

I would love to sing you a song,
About the times before it all went wrong.
About the times when you were mine,
About the times when the sun did shine.
About the times when time was free,
Before we were abandoned on the open sea.

Before our hearts were locked in this box,
Forgot in the cupboard with the washing and socks.

Lost and forgotten for another day,
Lost and forgotten nothing to say.

Please open the door,
Please let me in,
Please let cry,
Please let me sing!

But it's all over now,
All lost and gone,
No more singing
No more song.

Time is my prison,
My long lost friend,
Drink myself silly,
To the very end.

The very end of the line is near,
No noise, no sound, no hope is here.

The world disappears on the head of a pin,
As I plead at your door, please let me in!

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, May 15, 2012

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