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Portland: Echoes - Poem by jerome moore

How the nights flow into days
oh like rivers and streams,
passing like dreams.

My feet are the atlantic bound to meet my baby
on Long Island sound

From knotted Pine and hulking redwood of logging country,
where it rains most of the time
and mind
Where the rivers take off like roots in the soil,
where X marks the spot and sailors wake up shanghaied
and roses are thrown to the bulls.

Rivers older than Wars, Fires on their shores
with curtains of days in pastel twilight, curtains in nights blown wayward like ghosts in the wind

lilac, the talcums, graphites and Lazulite heavens in the fjordic chasms I hide behind.
Know this...
I no longer beg in front opulent masters in mirrors or atop soapbox.
I dance where shadows cloud my purity and smoke signals rise to applaud me!
Signals sent to the wrong side of me and my eyes are dry and dried up they choke for her key, eyes brown as cacao.
After the storm we take the spring out of the clock
April showers smell like mustard seed, flowers like saffron, and moistens like silt
and we pander our fancy and clap hands to the general public. I sit from this bar stool and cast my eyes ever downward on my shoes...
I can tell they are a strangers.
And in these robot nights when the tiger lilies wait in the grass to eat up my belly when morning comes wounded,
and all this masochism like a colony of ants is used as an impetus to write you these words.
On timid nights like tonight I want to be in your bed...

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Poem Edited: Friday, October 25, 2013

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