Frank McEleny

Psalm 119 - Poem by Frank McEleny

I will seek you with my whole heart
And learn to walk in your ways
I will seek you with my whole heart
And follow you all of my days

I love your word and your Spirit too
And I will praise you with all of my heart
Without you I would be forsaken and lost
I needed you right from the start

With my whole heart I cry to thee
Keep me close let us not be apart
Speak to me oh Spirit of God
Your Word is hidden in my heart

I rejoice in the Lord and in all of your ways
You have made the crooked paths straight
You lead me in the way of righteousness
And on your word and your Spirit I shall wait

You are the ground upon which I stand
Open my eyes that I may see
Your glory and splendor, your Spirit and truth
You are the Word who has set me free

You are the way and the truth and you are my life
Oh Lord do not put me to shame
My heart's desire is to follow you
And to glorify your precious name

Oh keep my eyes from worthless things
May they only ever see you
May I walk in the path that you have set for me
And praise you in all that I do

I will not be ashamed of the Gospel
It's the power of God to salvation
I will speak of you before mighty kings
And the Peoples of every nation

My hope is in the Lord my God
For your word has given me life
Your song comes to me in the middle of the night
As a bridegroom comes to His wife

The earth oh Lord is full of your mercy
And in that mercy you have kept me from harm
I will walk with my brothers who fear you
And you shall keep us from all alarm

In the midst of my many afflictions
I have learned from the error of my ways
I am drawn by your tender mercies
And they follow me all of my days

I delight in your word that dwells in me
And I know I shall not be alone
For you dwell in the midst of a brand new heart
A heart of flesh and not one of stone

My heart hungers for your presence oh Lord
I walk through a dry weary land
Yet through famine and drought my hope is in you
And suddenly before you I stand!

And the enemy that has sought to destroy me
And take advantage of my perilous state
Did not reckon on the faithful loving-kindness
Of my God who'll not leave me to my fate

You are beyond all comprehension
And we breathe because you exist
You sustain the heavens and the earth below
Righteousness and peace they have kissed

My strong desire is to do thy will
And my soul thirsts to please you oh Lord
I am hungry to know even more of you
It's so sweet to hear your word

Your word is a lamp unto my feet
And it keeps me on the road ahead
And though I am tempted to stray from it
It lights up the path I must tread

Every word that proceeds from my precious Lord
Is life and salvation to me
Keep me close that I may hear you Lord
Keep me close so I may be free

This Word that burns at the center of my heart
Was written by you for me
This strong desire that has ruined me for life
Makes me desperately want to see

To see you high and lifted up
Where the train of your robe fills the temple
I fall down in fear at this terrible sight
Yet I find you so sweet and gentle

Your mercy flows like the river wide
And your love is as deep as the sea
And of your forgiveness there is no end
From Calvary it flows eternally

And rivers of water run down from my eyes
For men have rejected the Son
Yet despite their rejections we shall rejoice
For the victory on Calvary won

I rise before the breaking of the dawn
In the wee small hours of the morning
I search for you with all of my heart
And for the world my heart is in mourning

They will not hear, they refuse to listen
They are stubborn in all of their ways
Yet your children will rejoice with all of their hearts
And follow you all of their days

This heart, this heart you have given to me
Is the greatest treasure of all
And your words of love are written on this heart
So that I may never fall

For I was fallen and dead in my sin
Just like Lazarus, dead in the cave
Yet you came to me, right where I was
And you were mighty to save

Arise my child come forth and live
I speak to your heart of stone
Roll away, roll away, and now become flesh
Walk with me and you'll never walk alone

And so it was, the promise fulfilled
All the prophets had longed to see
This heart of flesh, the law fulfilled
The Christ that has set me free

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, May 13, 2012

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