Psalm V Poem by George Herbert

Psalm V

Lord, to my words incline thine ear,
My meditation weigh:
My King, my God, vouchsafe to hear
My cry to thee, I pray.

Thou in the morn shalt hear my mone.
For in the morn will I
Direct my prayers to thy Throne,
And thither lift mine eye.

Thou art a God, whose puritie
Cannot in sins delight:
No evil, Lord, shall dwell with thee,
Nor fools stand in thy sight

Thou hat'st those that unjustly do.
Thou slay'st the men that lie;
The bloody man, the false one too,
Shall be abhorr'd by thee.

But in th' abundance of thy grace
Will I to thee draw near.
And toward thy most holy place
Will worship thee in fear.

Lord, lead me in thy righteousness.
Because of all my foes;
And to my dym and sinful eyes
Thy perfect way disclose:

For wickedness their insides are,
Their mouths no truth retain,
Their throat an open sepulchur,
Their flattering tongues do fain.

Destroy them, Lord, and by their own
Bad counsels let them fall
In height of their transgression;
O Lord ! reject them all.

Because against thy Majesty
They vainly have rebell'd ;
But let all those that trust in thee
With perfect joy be fill'd.

Yea, shout for joy for evermore.
Protected still by thee;
Let tliem that do thy name adore
In that still joyful be.

For God doth righteous men esteem.
And them for ever bless;
His favour shalt encompass them,
A shield in their distress.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: psalms
George Herbert

George Herbert

Montgomery, Wales
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