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Remix - Poem by Classy Boomdata

I qot dis bxtch on my dick but I neva came; she suckn tu hard & barely kno my name. She fckn up fckn roun wit my Jay & all hell qon break loose if she cum dis way; now back tu Jay, she is da best of da best she's betta wit me shawdee fck da rest cuz I swea if Jay hoe try & qet slick, imma take my qun and blow holes in dat bxtch. Cuz I don't play no qames & she can see bout me. My crib or ha crib or we can choose da streets but its qoin down so imma need ha tu be ready & I aint qotta do much cuz dese handz are real heavy. And afta dat shawdee yu will respect me. Since yu wanna keep suckn qet on yo knees. Yu ratchet as fck & imma show yu dese handz den dey won't be able tu put lil sheena tuqetha aqain. Now jay I told yu dat I wuld remix yo shxt fa dat jealous ass, blockin, black stale lookin bxtch. Yu kno I love yu qirl & yu can really qet da bizniz we can hav a crowd & let dat bxtch be da witness. But ion care wateva is fine wid me den creep up on dat bxtch while she be continued!

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Poem Submitted: Friday, December 3, 2010

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