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Restoration Of Glory[19 November 2012] - Poem by donald kuutsi

On this day we became legends,
Walking in victory going back home,
Returning back from Five year Exile,
Marching, singing and ululating,
Giving praise to THE MOST HIGH,
Our REDEEMER, who freed us from the BONDAGE,
Under five years of exile and persecution,
Our hopes and faith, plunged in darkness
As the iron fist kept us away from our beloved home,
We did not lose any Courage,
As predictions were made, that until the end of time THE REDEEMER WILL BE WITH US…..[MATT 28: 2O]
Life was not easy away from home,
Scorched by the sun and on open ground,
Everyone prayed without ceasing,
Although the Iron fist kept on Holding us and persecuting the congregation
The more they persecuted the, Congregation the more we became stronger,
As we held our breathe as we knew it was just a bad phase not bad life,
Persecution from the iron fist was a blessing in disguise as it made ‘'US'' Stronger each day……
Everybody prayed without ceasing in exile,
With the iron yokes on our necks and iron legs,
This didn't stopped us from Rejoicing to the ‘'MOST HIGH''
As HE, made it clear, blessed are the ones persecuted for RIGHTEOUSNESS,
For there is the kingdom of HEAVEN,
Through many tribulations and tragedies the MOST HIGH, OUR REDEEMER,
Did not abandoned us,
Whenever we were exhausted and losing hope,
HE made us stronger, though the Yoke was heavy,
Tossed by the iron fist for 5 years, THE MOST HIGH didn't abandoned us
Like what HE had said in the HOLY SCRIPTURES, [MAT 28; 20]
Reviled and persecuated for HIS sake, HE REWARDED US
Hungry for FREEDOM For so long, in exile,
THE MOST HIGH, recognized our cry
Tragedies were turned into Triumph,
The iron yoke and iron legs were uncuffed IN HIS NAME! ! !
We were in Darkness but through his word, HE SAID "let there be light"[GEN 1: 3]
The darkness departed and TODAY here we are we can now see the light,

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