Rose Levan

Revenge And Sorrow - Poem by Rose Levan

The voice inside tells you to do it the voice outside tells you to don't
Your caught in a confused whirlwind where your told you won't
Everyone judges you because of what they think you are
They never take the chance to know you right
You always shy away from the light
Your upset and you don't know what to do
Everyone always says its you
It's your fault you were in the wrong
You don't really belong
You can no longer take it anymore
You leave and slam the door
They all watch you leave and wonder why?
They say you just gave up and didn't even try
But you know better and your going to show them all
Your going to show them you control your own life no matter how small
They can no longer control you
They now see you from a different veiw
They are now scared to see
The difference that you manage to now be
They all run away
But it's too late your going to make them pay
They made your life a living hell
Now to them your gonna tell
I'd had enough of your shit
The glove just didn't fit
Now I'm gonna show you what I had to go through
And your going to wish you didn't have to go through it too
I'm gonna teach you to respect all
Or you're gonna fall
I will show no mercy
I will treat you like you treated me
You treated me like a dog
In order to survive I had to walk through life in a fog
But now I'm the dominant one
And the weight on your shoulders will be a ton
Ill make you wish you had never been born
Ill make you feel torn
Ill make you wish you could die
But I'll be here to keep you alive
You won't get out so easy
Because I want you to feel all the pain and sorrow you gave me
You led me to this world of hate
I blame you for my awful fate
I can no longer be tamed
For everything I waz blamed
Now it's your turn
In hell you shall burn
You treated me like a slave
But now I'm brave
I finally rule over you
Doesn't that just make you blue
Or maybe even green
If only you hadnt been mean
Then things would have worked out I'm sure
But now when it's too late into the light you venture
I tried to endure it and give you a chance
But you would only use me like a puppet and make me dance
I just got so sick
It waz death I always wanted to pick
But I became strong and began to hold tight
Until the day I took flight
But don't worry I'm not all bad now
I still have my freinds that I care about
I would never hurt them they are my life
They helped me through some of the strife
It's them I will always love
Its them I cant go above
If they ever betrayed my trust
I would sit in the rain alone and rust
But I believe they will be there until the end
Now that I no longer have to bend
I realize now you made me break
You made my world rock and shake
You made me realize I waz a fool
Now no longer am I a tool
I hope you had fun while you could
You made me feel so misunderstood
But all is ok now
I got through it sumhow
And now that I'm no longer living
You can no longer make me be giving
Mom and dad you should know this is all because of you
Because of everything you put me through
But its ok I now understand
It waz just all part of a master plan
You didn't really love me
That I could fer sure see
You made me not right in the head
But no need to worry because I'm now dead

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, December 16, 2009

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