Aisha Evans

Rookie (11/23/1987 / Philadelphia)

Revive - Poem by Aisha Evans

He asked me to write him a poem.
It's funny that he doesn't know all my poems are about him.
He inspires my desire to acquire a higher understanding of life.
Prior before things transpired, I only dealt with liars who seeked to lead me to the fire.
Like a hired hit man, tapped wired they used her words against her.
They were disguised like spies she never knew what they conspired
They were all out to get her, they were all out to dry her,
Of the hayya of the modesty she begin to attire
Scrutiny they tried to ruin me, so I changed my temperature from hot to cold.
Ice cold heart almost frozed. Changed my colors became the monster they all mold.
This vision they all hold in their minds in their heads all women were hoes.
Cry that she did as they opened fire on her heart
Breaking her heart she almost, nearly fell apart
Gruesome was the start there was barbed wires of lies
No justice ignites thru the night hate was sparked.
Alone in the dark shocked to still be alive
Her feelings were paralyzed after how hard they tried.
She almost damn near died.
But it was her faith that kept her alive.
Fate it was that He heard her cries and would send her a savior to where the enemies lied.
They were sure of her ending but her life was really just beginning.
See little did they know that concrete can't hold a rose
Like a phenomenal women still she rose and she remained bold
Knowing her story would be told secrets undone promises unfold.
And she knew he would come but not like a knight in shining armor
Or prince charming, how she would see it in her dreams
Just a brother in a white thobe with a beard and a turban
Armed with the Sunnah, Quran in his clutch his ransom wasn't much but her heart he would touch.
In he came with the cardiac defibrillator, just in time he saved her
As she suffered many massive heart attacks
Each new one got harder then the next
It got harder to relax
Like lightening she felt electrifying
A live wire a loose cannon
She lacked patience was so demanding.
Then he came in commanding the good and forbidding the evil
Hickmah he used like medicine thru the needles
Expanding as her lungs soaked in what seemed like a breath of fresh air
Her Lord always cared and wouldn't leave her in despair nor stranded
Instead he sent her a man and guided them to a mutual understanding.

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