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Satisfaction Is The Key Of Happiness - Poem by Ramdas Bhandarkar

Entire space, not only every atoms,
Space look throbbed with life,
The nature dance with joy,
The presence Of eternal her beloved Self,
Fill her heart with strange music,
Self is like that Grand space,
The stage on which nature take form,
Play eternal drama with colourful
Infinite role,
Just like seven basic colours make billions of shade,
Self, nature with five elements,
Bring forth the dancing billions of billions forms,
Where is the pause,
Where is the end,
When river of life can pause,
Illusion remains as illusion,
only blessed souls no there is no wayout from this labyrinth,
Only way out is resting in Self,
Resting desireless, knowing falsity of eternal drama,
Resting as a witness to nothingness in action as everything,
Or everything is that grand nothing everfree of life!

Happiness is a state of mind,
A painless state,
A desireless state,
Contented state of mind,
Mindfulnes attained by
mindlessness, resting in true self,
What else can bring more
happiness than self satisfaction,
The satisfaction of successful
completion of duties,
Successful graduation of Self, Earned by either self mastery,
Or by self surrender,
Prapatti or pratipatti,
Swimming against current or
swimming along it!
The satisfaction of reaching desireless state of Self's own
Without getting drowned!

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, August 28, 2012

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