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Save Our Nature - Poem by Gabriel Gauci Maistre

Stand up, and look outside
See, out of your window
All the precious things nature has to offer
Look at all the green fields we have
Look at all the children playing in them
Not a single child sits down inside
The very four walls of his home
Look at all the beautiful green trees
Look at all the birds sheltering
From the scorching sun, under these trees
Listen, to the laughter of the children
Listen, to the chirping of the birds
Other than that its complete and utter silence
No other sound can be heard
Its like you could hear the Earth speaking to us
Breathe the crisp soft air, clean as can be
Breathe, as it soothes your lungs
Like no other feeling you have ever experienced
Breathe, before its too late

Now, open your eyes, what do you see
See, out of your window
All the precious things nature offered
Offered, because we have lost it all
Mankind has destroyed nature with his very own hands
We have no one to blame, but ourselves
Look at all the brown buildings we have
No child may go and play in such a building
No, its private property now
It no longer belongs to nature, which was free to us all
Now everyone feels comfortable, within the four walls of his home
Even the children, having nowhere to go and play
They can't complain, as they never got to experience nature
And its once everlasting beauty
Look at the few trees that are left, barely green
Look at the few birds sheltering
From the evermore blazing sun
Look, as the birds fly away, having nowhere to go
Look, as those men cut down the little trees we have left
So that mankind could sit comfortable at home
Burn these very trees, to keep warm
Where shall these birds go, where
Listen, listen, listen
You can no longer hear the screams of the Earth
Screams of agony, asking us to stop
All you can hear out your window, is noise
Noise created by mankind
Construction, traffic, music, polluting the Earth with noise
Don't even try to breathe
What was once transparent and crisp, is now brown and heavy
Don't breathe, if you want to save your lungs
With every breath, your lungs cough up all the pollution
All the garbage, we have thrown into this world

Have we not seen enough of this tragedy?
Have we not had enough of this nightmare?
We are grabbing Earth, and pulling her down into destruction
And we have seen the horrible effects of this
Global warming, winters harsher than ever and summers as dry as a desert
Our very ozone, once protected us from the scorching sun
Is tearing, and each year the climate keeps rising
Icebergs keep melting, water keeps rising
Have we not seen enough of this tragedy?
Why do we still continue, why?
Stop, and listen to what the Earth is telling us
Put down your heavy machinery, stop polluting
And listen, listen to what she's trying to tell us
And stop.

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