Jesse McPherson

Scared Little Girl

I know this girl and her life is real sad
when her dad comes home this is really bad
she knows th's drunk she dono what to do
she knows tonight her life she might loose
cuz she just heard her mamma scream please no
he grabbed her by the throat n said bi+ch shut up w/e i say goes
he throws her down her head is busted open
he says bi+ch touch the phone and ill show you somethin
now he heads towards his daughters room
the daughter thinks no not again so soon
all she can do is run and hide
she hopes this aint the day she'll die
her dad kicks open the fvckin door
he yells where are you, you stupid wh0re
she's in the closet, dont say a peep
she knows if he finds her she's in real deep
she has too many bruises to fvckin hide
she is tired of holdin up this disguise
she says it's nothin i jus tripped and fell
the truth she will never fvckin tell
god damnit why wont he just leave her alone
there has been too many times he beat her to the bone
God damnit why wont he just leave
with her life is wat she pleads
he says shut up you stupid wh0re
he beats her up and slams her head against the door
he just smiles and walks away
but to her this is just another day
she is tired of livin life like this
she goes to her mamma and gives her a kiss
I'm sorry but this is somthin i must do
if I stay here my life I'll probally loose
before he comes back, she packed her shi+
she jumps out the window, look back n says that it
She's out walkin on the street
hopin she won't take no more heat
she met this girl she was only 16
neither one of them were on, they couldnt even pretend
she jus couldnt defend herself she got beat up 2 bad
she left home too she was too eager to leave she was so glad
they were just alike they were on the run
but this car drove by with a gun
they thought they had gotten away
the man said stupid wh0re you will pay
she said I know that voice anywhere
thats him, with out a care
she hears a gun fire, she jus got shot
they'd gotten away, so they thought
now her and her friend are layin there dead
this is where all the abuse led
that was baby i loved that girl
she was my whole fvckin world
I'ma make him regret wat he'd done
I'mm come up in his crib wit my gun
I'll blast his brains out, just as he did
I cant believe he did that to his own kid
I busted up in his crib like wat'd they do to you
he smiled and said nigga get out of here b4 it happens 2 you too
i said bi+ch answer or i swear ill fvckin make your life wat you loose
just like you did to your little girl, your tellin me now 4 u there is no later
she was a bi+chin wh0re i did that bi+ch a fvckin favor
i couldnt listen no more and pulled the fvckin trigga
there now you know how it feels you stupid /\/igga

Poem Submitted: Monday, July 27, 2009

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Comments about Scared Little Girl by Jesse McPherson

  • Amy Ormonde (8/7/2009 10:41:00 PM)

    wow.......grwat writing.....but a lot of anger and hate.....pain and seem to have somethigs on your mind? ? ? keep writting my friend yu are extremely good...

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