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Seize The Moment And Cherish Everything - Poem by Mikey G

When will someone be enough? What is missing in this world? Why do people take what they have for granted? When will love stop laughing in our faces, everything a test everything shared moments that if you don’t appreciate disappear in the abyss, it’s like everyone’s vision is grayed and distorted, no one knows what they want but everyone wants something more...
In life we have one common goal to find someone we love with all of our hearts and share that life together till the end, But what if your heart is not enough? What if the world is so Corrupted that even our hearts are tainted.
Now no one is satisfied with just love they have to have the accommodations too they have to have what the world shows to be love. When was just proving and showing your love not enough? What is this need for us to have more? Cherish what you have now for everyday we are learning new things about our selves don’t close a book that you’ve never read, don’t just read the back and say that's not for me, read a couple of chapters try to relate and open up your minds.
What is this foolish game called love where people open there hearts and take risks, a game where there is always a loser, you don’t pass Go you don’t collect 200 dollars instead you get an emptiness feeling a feeling that your not good enough, a hopeless feeling you feel ashamed and used, to have opened up soo much to only find out it was done in vain but what kind of game would it be without risk?
We are to Humble our selves and thank GOD for those special moments...
The moments we’ll never forget....
The moments we’ll never Regret.....

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, December 17, 2009

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