Sentences (Phrases) Poem by Arthur Rimbaud

Sentences (Phrases)

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When the world is reduced to a single dark wood
for our four eyes' astonishment,-- a beach for two
faithful children,-- a musical house
for one pure sympathy,-- I shall find you.

Should there be here below
but a single old man, handsome
and calm in the midst
of incredible luxury, I shall be at your feet.

Should I have realized all your memories,--
should I be the one who can bind you
hand and foot,-- I shall strangle you.

* When we are very strong,-- who draws back?
very gay,-- who cares for ridicule?
When we are very bad,-- what would they do with us?
Deck yourself, dance, laugh.
I could never throw Love out of the window.

* My comrade, beggar girl, monster child!
O it's all one to you these unhappy women,
these wiles and my discomfiture.
Bind yourself to us with your impossible voice, your voice!
sole soother of this vile despair.

* An overcast morning in July. A taste of ashes flies through the air;--
an odor of sweating wood on the hearth,--
dew-ret flowers-- devastation along the promenades--
the mist of the canals over the fields-- why not incense and toys already?

* I have stretched ropes from steeple to steeple;
garlands from window to window;
golden chains from star to star, and I dance.

* The upland pond smokes continuously.
What witch will rise against the white west sky?
What violet frondescence fall?

* While public funds evaporate in feasts of fraternity,
a bell of rosy fire rings in the clouds.

* Reviving a pleasant taste of Indian ink,
a black powder rains on my vigil.
I lower the jets of the chandelier,
I throw myself on my bed,
and turning my face towards the darkness,
I see you, my daughters! my queens!

Arthur Rimbaud

Arthur Rimbaud

Charleville, Ardennes
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